The Sunglasses and Blue Light Glasses You Need This Black Friday

The Best Sunglasses + Blue Light Glasses from MessyWeekend

Whether you are here to do some holiday shopping or to treat yourself after an incredibly…difficult year, this article will explain why you need to check out this Danish sunglasses brand this Black Friday.

While high-end sunglasses look great, their high prices can often make one afraid of actually using them. This is not, we’re happy to say, an issue for the Copenhagen-based brand, MessyWeekend. Not only are their sunglasses beautifully handcrafted, their materials are of high quality (and on par with those of brands charging 3x as much) and, of course, all lenses offer full UV400 protection. And they wide collection of sunglasses start at just €60. So whether you’re looking for a metal, acetate, or injection frame, MessyWeekend is sure to have a pair for you.

Plus! MessyWeekend just debuted a brand new product perfect for the coming months, where many of us are sure to be glued to our screens more than usual: Blue light filter glasses. We’re going to introduce you to a couple of our favorite models that we know you and yours will love. Oh, yeah, and there’s a nice discount code for you at the bottom, so you can buy one and get 50% off a second pair!

1. NEW DEPP Champagne

This is MessyWeekend’s bestselling model of 2020. With its translucent yellow frame and green lenses, NEW DEPP Champagne is classic yet fun. It’s unisex, so it’ll make the perfect pair of sunglasses for you and/or for that “I don’t want anything” person in your life.

Handcrafted from acetate, this model can be easily adjusted to fit your face specifically. In fact, MessyWeekend even shows you how exactly to do it yourself, so you don’t need to pay a visit to an optical store. But the best part? They cost just €75!

2. NEW DEPP Blue Light Champagne

As a bestselling model, it makes sense that MessyWeekend would select NEW DEPP Champagne to be one of their new blue light filter glasses.

Maintaining the translucent yellow frame, the green lenses of the sunglasses have been swapped out for blue-light-blocking lenses, designed to help reduce headaches and eye strain caused by excessive (but often necessary) use of digital devices. 

If you work in front of a computer, enjoy unwinding in front of the TV, or just sit in a room with LED lights, blue light filter glasses are a must-have.

3. NEW DEPP Amber

This is one of the new colors MessyWeekend added to their NEW DEPP Collection. NEW DEPP Amber is perfect for the cold autumn season. The warm amber frame and green lenses add a nice pop of color to any outfit. But the color is also great of the brighter spring and summer months, where the orange hue offers a fun, vibrant vibe.

That’s all to say that this pair of sunnies will be a great addition to your accessories collection and are prefect for year-round usage. Or, of course, as a gift, because you’re not looking for you, are you? Holiday shopping, amirite?!


4. LENNON Blue Light Gold

By far one of our most favorite models, the LENNON Gold can be purchased both as a sunglass and as blue light filter glasses. One of the newer models and few metal frames from MessyWeekend, LENNON is lightweight and adjustable, so they sit perfectly on your nose. Like with the NEW DEPP Blue Light, these are designed to help reduce headaches and eye strain caused by the blue light emitted from the screens of our digital devices. 

Purchase one of these stylish spectacles as a gift for just €85, and get a pair for yourself for half off! What a deal.


Right now, MessyWeekend is running several Black Friday campaigns, many of which involve their snow goggles (yes, they make some awesome snow goggles as well!). If that’s not totally your thing, then you definitely need to take advantage of their buy one, get one 50% off deal. All you need to do is select two products, add them to your cart, and then use the code 50OFF2ND at checkout! Easy as that. Happy shopping!



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