Top 6 Black Friday Deals from MessyWeekend You Just Can’t Miss

Late November, the bargain-hunter’s favorite time of the year. Well, actually, the gift-giver’s favorite time of year as well. The holidays are looming, making Black Friday the perfect time to start finding gifts for those nearest and dearest to you.

This year, MessyWeekend is running a week-long 3-for-2 offer on everything!

Over the past couple of months, MessyWeekend has expanded its product selection considerably. With blue light filter glasses, base layers and ski accessories, new magnetic goggles, and new sunglasses models/colors, it can be pretty overwhelming to find the best deal for you and yours. 

That’s why we’ve done the hard work and found some of the best product combinations to get the most out of MessyWeekend’s 3-for-2 deal. You really won’t want to miss out!

P.s. These bundles and their very awesome names are our own. You won’t find them on MessyWeekend’s website. To take advantage of their 3-for-2 Black Friday deal, all you need to do is add three products to your cart and use the code 3FOR2 at checkout!

Offer Ends In

1. The Chill Lounger

Let’s be honest, chances are many of us are going to be hanging out at home this winter accompanied by Netflix, Instagram, and Disney+ (don’t lie).

What you get: Blue light filter glasses + Base layer top + Base layer bottoms

Savings: -32%

100% Merino wool is honestly one of the most comfortable materials out there. It’s soft, non-itchy, and moisture wicking. You’re going to love to chill at home in these base layers! And pair them with a pair of blue light filter glasses, you’re going to be totally prepped for movie night.

2. The Snow Bunny Bundle

This is the bundle you’re going to want to make if you’re excited to hit the slopes at any point in the future.

What you get: ACHTON XEp + Base Layer Top + Base Layer Bottoms

Savings: -24%

Combine ACHTON XEp with the base layer top and bottoms, two of MessyWeekend’s latest additions. Made from 100% Merino wool, the lightweight ski underwear will keep you warm and dry all day long. This is perhaps the best combo when it comes to value and savings!

LENNON Blue Light
MW Beanie

3. The Glasses Fanatic

Glasses for inside and out. A pair for you, a pair for me.

What you get: LENNON Blue Light + NEW DEPP Blue Light + Any pair of sunglasses

Savings: Between -26% and -28%

Since blue light filter glasses are meant to be worn whenever you’re using a digital device, you’ll probably end up wearing them a lot. So why not give yourself some options? One metal frame, one acetate frame, and a pair of sunglasses for when you finally venture outdoors. For the price and savings calculation, we’re going to use MessyWeekend’s cheapest (€60) and most expensive (€130) sunglasses prices.

4. The Classic Bestsellers

What’s another way to say bestseller? Customer approved.

What you get: FLOAT II XE2 + NEW DEPP Champagne + MW Beanie

Savings: -16%

FLOAT II XE2 has a high-contrast, magnetic, spherical lens and is the 3rd generation of MessyWeekend’s first-ever goggle. So, a classic. NEW DEPP Champagne is their number one bestseller, and with its round shape and subtle colors, it’s easy to see why. Top them off with a beanie, and you’ve got yourself some solid additions to your MessyWeekend collection.


€200 -

ACHTON XE2 Green Revo

€130 -


5. The Après-Ski Partier

Looking to have tons of fun both on and off the slopes?

What you get: ACHTON XE2 + HOBBES Crystal + MW Neck Tube

Savings: -19%

With these goggles, you not only get a high-contrast, magnetic lens, but a complimentary yellow overcast lens as well. We selected HOBBES Crystal because it’s one of MessyWeekend’s best designed TR90 shades, which’ll keep up with an active lifestyle. Throw in one of their new neck tubes to protect against the frigid cold, and you’re set for a good time in the mountains.

6. The Sharing Slope-Shredder

Got a group of friends you normally hit the slopes with? Then this is the best deal for sure!

What you get: ACHTON XEp + ACHTON XEp + ACHTON XEp

Savings: -33%

ACHTON XEp is MessyWeekend’s newest snow goggles model featuring their high-contrast photochromic lens. The XEp technology allows the lens to automatically adjust its tint depending on the weather. Normally, three pairs of ACHTON XEp snow goggles would cost you €600, but with this deal, you’ll pay only €400.

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